Get M.A.D. with Innovation and Style: A Festival that Celebrates Diversity Through Fashion, Arts, and Entertainment!

Step into a world where innovation meets creativity, where fashion intertwines with the arts, and where entertainment knows no bounds...

Introducing the M.A.D. Festival , an eclectic fusion of Fashion, Arts, and pure Entertainment!

Formerly known as the Festival Mode & Design, this year’s 23rd edition promises to be a varied lineup that caters to every taste.

From August 24th to 27th, 2023, immerse yourself in a whirlwind of free runway shows and performances held at La Place des Festivals in downtown Montreal, featuring 150 artists from near and far.

Daily fashion shows held on the main stage of La Place des Festivals

The festival’s journey through the realms of creativity unfolds with carefully curated themes for each day:

  • Thursday, August 24th: Identity and Self-Expression
  • Friday, August 25th: Artistic Exploration
  • Saturday, August 26th: Convergence of Disciplines, Innovation, and Experimentation
  • Sunday, August 27th: Celebrating Cultures, Emerging Talents, and Diversity

Get ready to be captivated by the runway allure and the mesmerizing performances that promise to transport you into a realm of imagination and creativity.

THURSDAY AUGUST 24th lineup included: KiloJules / Hommage à Zilon / Mi-Carême / umojadanceco / Helmer / Dorsali / Dylan Sinclair / La Fille de Priam

Internationally renown Fashion designer Helmer Joseph , who worked in Paris with high end designers Christian Dior and Thierry Mugler, presented his stunning “mari de la couturière” fashion show as well as an exhibition of his creations at the M.A.D. Festival on August 24th 2023

With headliners that are considered royalty of the local creative world, the M.A.D. Festival will feature the likes of HELMER, a design maestro who’s graced the realms of Christian Dior and Thierry Mugler, Guillaum Chaigne, the self-taught artisan of refined streetwear, Lakuachimoto, the embodiment of eccentricity and nocturnal vision and Les Aguicheuses, masters of bold and unabashed lingerie:

Guillaum Chaigne with Alexander Bergman and Maël Chaput, Catch Chaigne’s latest collection at Place des Festivals Friday Aug 25th at 6:45PM 😌

Lakuachimoto, is an inclusive and progressive genderless line based in Montreal. Between streetwear and couture, Lakuachimoto offers a unique collection of avant-garde, distinguished and comfortable clothes. See their 5th collection unveiled this Sat Aug 26th at 8 pm

With a nod to the singer Isabelle Pierre and her hit ‘Le temps est bon’ (The Time is Good), designer Angie Larocque will present a free theatrical runway show August 26th at 9:45 pm featuring contemporary dancers and models of all ages and genders, advocating for self-acceptance and body diversity.
Photo credit : Jean-François Galipeau

The Pop-up corner is set to dazzle with the presence of remarkable brands curated by influential content creators and local brands.

Immerse yourself in self-care with Cire de Coco’s luxury coconut oil based candles, handmade with wooden wicks and several enticing scents to choose from like peach and lavender !

Embrace the granny-chic trend and add a bit of vintage flair to your wardrobe with Dora Nola’s new tufted purses ! Also on display were the 100% silk twilly, to mix and match and wear in your hair, on your purse or around your wrist. ( See below)


SEE a Fashion Show and Shop Live:

NEW this year , The MAD live stream shop will be back online and live streamed on Sunday August 27th at 8PM EST

LINK below:

“The festival is a testament to our commitment to innovation and personal expression. During the M.A.D. Festival , visitors dare to be bold, showcasing their unique selves fearlessly. It’s an event that unites people from diverse backgrounds under the values of agility, audacity, creativity, innovation, inclusion, and authenticity,” shared Chantal Durivage, Vice President of Events.

Get ready to dive into a world where the ordinary is re-imagined, where boundaries are shattered, and where expression takes center stage.

The Festival M.A.D. awaits your presence!

August 24 -27 th 2023 at Place des Festivals

Please check out the entire lineup here on their official

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