“What fish should I eat that’s good for me and good for the planet?” Author and fisherman Paul Greenberg spends a year eating seafood for breakfast, lunch and dinner in an attempt to find out.

As part of his quest to investigate the health of the ocean — and his own — bestselling author and lifelong fisherman Paul Greenberg (“Four Fish”; “American Catch”) eats more than 700 fish meals in a single year. With people worldwide consuming more seafood than ever, Greenberg also explores questions of sustainability and overfishing in this 90-minute FRONTLINE special, which follows him from Norway, where modern fish farming was invented; to Peru to witness the world’s largest wild fishery; to Alaska, where 200 million salmon can be caught each year; and more.

“The Fish on My Plate” premieres Tues. April 25th from 10 p.m.