From Unemployment to Unleashing Laughter: Four actors bare ALL at Theatre La Comédie de Montreal!

The highly anticipated spectacle LE GRAND JEU, after numerous twists and turns, finally graced the stage of Théâtre la Comédie de Montréal, last January 21st to a sold out audience!

This new French comedy, directed by Jamin Chtouki is a loose adaptation of the 1997 hit film “The Full Monty,” exploring themes of friendship, mutual support, and hope in the face of adversity.

Set in real-time in Montreal, the story unfolds as four guys on social assistance decide to create a strip-tease show!

But how do you go from ‘Emploi Québec’ to the ‘Chippendales‘ when you’ve got a “beer belly” and resemble more of a “Hobo” than an Apollo?!

Luc Arsenault, Jamin Chtouki, Alex Laroche and Alexis Paquette

With nothing to lose and nothing to hide, they decide to lay it all bare. From recruitment to the announcement of the full strip-tease, including clandestine rehearsals, the four talented actiors take you on a rollercoaster of escapades with characters that are everyday but undeniably extraordinary.

Director and actor : Jamin Chtouki

About the director: Jamin Chtouki is a Belgian actor and director who arrived in Montreal in 2016 to establish Theatre La Comédie de Montreal, after having previously staged this sort of production in France.

Following his success in France and Belgium, he chose Montreal, Quebec, as the stage for its encore presentation, this time featuring local Montreal artists and incorporating some adaptations for a Quebecois audience.

With over 30 years of artistic experience, Chtouki is no stranger to the director’s chair. Learn more about this talented entrepreneur and artist on his website:

With LE GRAND JEU, mark your calendars and be prepared to witness a comedy spectacle like no other that will harvest your power of laughter and promote the resilience of the human spirit.

Catch the most stripped-down comedy of the year at Theatre Comédie de Montreal – where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, one belly laugh at a time! 🤣🎟️

A French adaptation of the cult film, “The Full Monty”
** Brief nudity, recommended age 13 years old and up .

– 1 and a half hours without intermission.

More information can be found HERE and on the website of : Théâtre la Comédie de Montréal!

1113 blvd. de Maisonneuve est.

(514) 303-2535