From the River to the Stage: Syrinx’s Musical Journey with the I Musici orchestra !

The syrinx, which is the essential organ that allows birds to sing and produce their delightful melodies, shares its name with a character from Greek mythology. According to the legend, the nymph Syrinx was pursued by Pan, the god of the wild, and was transformed into a reed to escape him. Pan then used this reed to make his famous flute, which has been associated with nature and music ever since…

Pan and Syrinx – Noël-Nicolas Coypel III (1690-1734) – PD-art-100


This April 13th , at Salle Pierre-Mercure Hall of the  Pierre-Péladeau Centre, audience will get to see and listen to the I Musici Orchestra along with a stunning showcase of flute performances that include solo recorders, recorder duets, recorders with orchestra, solo flutes, flutes with orchestra, and flute and recorder duets !


Overall, this joyful flute concert will showcase the beauty and versatility of these instruments and the talent and passion of the performers.

I Musici orchestra conducted by maestro Jean-François Rivest with
Vincent Lauzer, recorder
Caroline Tremblay, recorder
Ariane Brisson, flute
Julie Triquet, violin 

Vincent Lauzer | Photo : Emmanuel Crombez


The evening will certainly be a testament to the power of music to connect us with nature, history, and each other, and to uplift our spirits in times of joy and sorrow.

The greatest composers will be highlighted with each festive iteration, whether through Vivaldi’s and Telemann’s stunning virtuosity, Debussy’s intoxicating smoothness, or Bach’s emotive and timeless intensity.



Excerpt from Sonata for Two Recorder
Duration: approx. 3 minutes


Brandenburg Concerto No. 4
Duration: approx. 15 minutes


Recorder Concerto in G major, RV 443
Duration: approx. 12 minutes 


Duration: approx. 3 minutes


Orchestral Suite No. 2 for Flute and Orchestra
Duration: approx. 20 minutes


Concerto for Traverso and Recorder in E minor, TWV:e1
Duration: approx. 15 minutes


Thursday, April 13, 2023
7:30 p.m.

The concert will be held at the Pierre-Mercure Hall of the Pierre-Péladeau Centre, and will last for approximately 80 minutes with an intermission.

Tickets with social distancing can be reserved by calling 514 987-6919.

Join in for a night of flute festivity and experience the beauty of music that has been enjoyed for centuries!

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