From Solo to Maestro, the Orchestre Metropolitain presents a sweeping Romantic repertoire !

Clarinet in all it’s glory !

Last Friday, on October 13, at La Maison Symphonique, classical music lovers in Montreal witnessed a mesmerizing journey through the Romantic era, as the Austrian virtuoso Andreas Ottensamer took the conductor’s baton in hand, leading the audience through a rich tapestry of emotions enhanced by French clarinet poet Pierre Génisson who lent his extraordinary talents to the mix.

French clarinetist Pierre Génisson

The evening began with Johannes Brahms’s hauntingly beautiful “Tragic Overture.” A piece that reflected the composer’s melancholic disposition, it set the tone for a night that would explore the depths of human emotion.

Brahms’s lyrical “Concerto No. 1” followed; a dazzling showcase of Ottensamer’s prowess as a precise conductor. The concerto’s intricate melodies and rich harmonies resonated throughout the hall of La Maison Symphonique thus transporting the audience to an enchanting musical landscape.

Combined with Génisson’s sublime clarinet performance, Ottensamer ensured that every note was delivered with a depth of feeling that left the audience wanting more.

As the night unfolded, we were treated to Augusta Holmès’s symphonic poem, “La Nuit et l’amour.” This composition, reminiscent of the grandeur of Wagner, was a breathtaking example of Romantic-style music. The emphasis on melody weaved a tapestry of sound that was both mesmerizing and quite ethereal.

The climax of the evening was Robert Schumann’s Symphony No. 1, affectionately known as “The Spring Symphony.” As the music swirled around the audience, it evoked images of flowers and vibrant colors in full bloom.

Ottensamer’s conducting captured the essence of springtime with gusto mixed with grace, leading the orchestra through a symphonic journey that was nothing short of breathtaking.

At the close, the audience was left in awe, basking in the magic that had unfolded on the stage. Ottensamer and Génisson had taken us on a journey through the Romantic period, leaving us with hearts full of emotion and souls touched by the power of music.

This concert was not just a preview of the incredible talent we can expect from Andreas Ottensamer leading the OM and the upcoming OM 23-24 season, but a testament to the enduring beauty of classical music.

As the final notes of Schumann’s “Spring Symphony” faded into the night, the audience rose to their feet, applauding with a fervor that echoed their deep appreciation for the artists and the music that had graced the stage.

It was a night to remember, and the promise of more musical treasures in the upcoming season with the Orchestre Metropolitain as they left the audience eagerly anticipating what lies ahead.

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