From Pyjama parties to Mangas, enjoy Kid Friendly activities at the Montreal Book Fair

The annual Montreal Book Fair is back for it’s 46th edition at Montreal’s Palais des Congrès de Montréal, from November 22 to 26, 2023.

Numerous stalls await you at the book fair

They organizers are proud to announce the numerous projects born from the creativity of its valuable partners that will mark this year’s edition under the theme ‘Being Human.’

Expect eccentric and colorful characters, new bold and inspiring projects that will give the beloved fair its unique hue.

Within inventive spaces, this major Montreal literary event will multiply opportunities for meetings and sharing around books and timely themes through its three components: the Fair at the Palais des congrès de Montréal, from November 22 to 26, 2023; the Fair in the city, and the Online Fair, starting from November 10.

Travel Authoress Anne Marie Parent and Anne Pélouas at the Book Fair.
Photo: Monica Wong

This year, in light of the Provincial Teacher’s and Government Workers Strike , the Salon has been generous to offer free entry to children under 18 accompanied by parents from the 23-24th inclusively. They have also scheduled a bevy of activities focused on families and youth:

Everyone in Pajamas!

What if you came to the Montreal Book Fair with your children… in pajamas!?

Come to the Book Fair in Pyjamas!

This Saturday, November 25th, and Sunday, November 26th, don your finest pajamas and join in various youth activities with your budding readers for a unique and engaging weekend!

The schedule includes: 🌟 Magical Morning with Grandmother: an adventure with Passe-Partout featuring Grandmother and Passe-Montagne. 👹 Play the villains with El Kapoutchi! by Alexandre Courteau. 🪄 The magic of words with Nour! by Stéphanie G. Vachon. 🕵️‍♂️ The mystery of Alfred by Marie Barguirdjian. 🖍️ Move one square at a time! with Marie-Louise Gay. 🌳 Echoes of a living forest! with Benoît Archambault.

👉 Check out the full pajama morning program here: ⏰ Don’t forget to get your Book Fair Ticket online:

See you at the Book Fair, in pajamas!”

Youth oriented novels, graphic novels, comics and mangas are plentiful

For the little ones: My Little Cabin with ‘Petits bonheurs’

In a specially designed space for children aged 0 to 6, ‘Petits bonheurs’ will return to the Montreal Book Fair to offer the little ones gentle literary and artistic mornings.

This essential project of the Fair aims to create a positive experience while facilitating access to reading for this age group.

Around ‘My Little Cabin,’ families and toddlers will be invited to participate in workshops led by authors.”


This year the Salon du Livre de Montreal is awarding considerable floor space to the art of Manga.

Mangas are enjoyed by both young and old !

Manga refers to a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels that covers a wide range of genres and themes. It is characterized by its distinctive art style, featuring colorful artwork and characters with large, expressive eyes. Manga is read from right to left, top to bottom, in the traditional Japanese manner.

The Manga Zone will make a comeback at the Montreal Book Fair in a lounge format with over a hundred books dedicated to manga culture!

And the cherry on top, a complete program has been designed for this space, including: 🌟 A manga quiz with Olivier Hamel. ✏️ Live manga drawing workshops. 🗣️ A discussion on the basics of manga with Alexandre Lachance and Valérie Harvey.

📚 Discovery sessions of the manga universe with experts in the field.

👉 Check out the full Manga Zone program here:

With the support of the “Secrétariat à la jeunesse du Québec“, in collaboration with O-Taku Manga Lounge bookstore, Interforum Éditis Canada, La Boîte de Diffusion, and Éditions Michel Quintin.”

Here are some fun facts about Manga in North America:

1: Growing Popularity: Manga has seen a significant rise in popularity in North America over the past few decades. What was once a niche market has now become a mainstream phenomenon, with manga attracting readers of all ages.

2: Wide Genre Diversity: Manga covers a diverse range of genres, appealing to a broad audience. While action and adventure series are popular, there’s also a growing interest in romance, fantasy, horror, and slice-of-life manga.

3: Influence on Pop Culture: Manga has had a considerable impact on North American pop culture. Many successful anime series, which are animated adaptations of manga, have gained widespread popularity, contributing to the overall acceptance and recognition of Japanese pop culture.


Some of the recently published manga by Interforum Canada

Gen’s Delights, Editions Les Malins, Interforum Canada, La Courte Echelle, Scholastic and the Montreal Book Fair are happy to host a Youth Holiday Contest!

Two lucky winners will receive a surprise gift bag containing a variety of Books, Manga, Posters, Stickers and Bookmarks: ( English and French contents, 1 bag for youth, 1 for adult.)

To enter, please like and share the article and post in the comments section below your answer to the following question:

“What makes you see the significance of cultivating a reading culture among young people, and how do you actively promote it?”

Winners will be selected by December 10th 2023.