Fossil Country | Watch & Wonder Weekly Highlight

Wednesday, February 14, 2 PM

For next week’s Watch & Wonder Highlight, we’re thrilled to feature the special Fossil Country. After watching, dive deeper with resources about how fossil hunters are trying to preserve the great treasure of information at Fossil Lake and help create legislation about how fossils are handled and sold on PBS LearningMedia.

Hardscrabble fossil hunters in Wyoming make astounding discoveries that change what we know about the earth’s history. The mining town of Kemmerer, in the Green River Formation, is ground zero for the best fossil collecting in the world. Geology, history, and entrepreneurship all come to life through human stories of fossil hunters seeking a rare discovery — and a big payday.

PBS LearningMedia

Fossil Country

Grades 6-8
This story shares the ancient history of Fossil Lake during the Eocene Epoch, leading up to the great KT extinction event in which 80% of all living organisms died, and ends in present day Kemmerer, WY where local fossil hunters are sharing the history of the area from the evidence they have found in the fossilized plants and animals of the 18 inch dig layer and surrounding rock. These fossil hunters provide the backdrop for the story where Farah Fossil is dug up from the sedimentary rock layers in recent history, then backtracks in time to tell the story of life in the Kemmerer area during the Eocene. At the end of the video we come back to our fossil hunters to share how they are trying to preserve this great treasure of information and help create legislation about how fossils are handled and sold.

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