The local food movement has really taken off in some communities here in the Adirondacks where young farmers and their start-ups are getting people interested in eating locally grown food. But the movement seems to have overlooked many other farms, like the small family-owned farms that have been producing dairy products for generations. Despite the push to buy & support local food, a new documentary shows that many of these family dairy farms across upstate New York and New England are struggling to survive.

We talk with the filmmakers Sarah Gardner and Dave Simonds about their documentary called Forgotten Farms. We also hear from local farmers who watched the film this past week at the Miner Institute in Chazy, NY. Learn more at www.forgottenfarms.org

Screenings of Forgotten Farms have been held across New York and New England. You can watch the trailer on line www.forgottenfarms.org or www.facebook.com/forgottenfarms — DVDs will be out next year — and Sarah and Dave hope to bring their documentary to Public Television in the coming months.


Watch the trailer: