Flights Grounded in Plattsburgh

With the border closed, and Canadians cut-off from driving to Plattsburgh to catch flights, the airport has cancelled all scheduled flights until late June to do some major renovations. Crews will spend the next 7 weeks rebuilding and resurfacing the main part of the airport’s nearly 12,000-foot runway. The airport is located at the former Plattsburgh Air Force base, built back in the early 1950’s, and its only runway is the original concrete that’s almost 70-years old. Contractors will rip up the concrete, crush it up, and then add several inches of new asphalt on top. Reusing the concrete is more than just eco-friendly, it saves millions of dollars. And with the pandemic’s impact on the airline industry, the Federal Aviation Administration will cover the entire cost of rebuilding the runway, saving Clinton County $650,000. Flights will resume at PIA on June 23rd.

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