Film Fans Flock to Lake Placid!

Filmmakers and movie lovers will head to Lake Placid this month, for a variety of films, seminars and parties at the 22nd Lake Placid Film Festival.

Enjoy Spotlight producer Paul Larson’s interview with festival director Gary Smith about the upcoming events. 

Special Screenings

Special events include a 30th anniversary screening of the film Cool Runnings,with Q&A from Jamaica Bobsleigh Federation president Chris Stokes and broadcaster John Morgan.  The artist Rockwell Kent’s adventures in Alaska form the basis for A Dreamer’s Search, with special guest Eric Downs, the director of the film.  Filmmaker Denis Mueller will present clips from a documentary in progress, Russell Banks:  I Write in Order to Be a Better Person. 

Viewers may also see other feature films and sample a mix of short subjects.

Russell Banks:  I Write in Order to Be a Better Person


Producers, directors, cinematographers and film enthusiasts will conduct seminars and be on hand to answer questions. One highlight this year is the “Women in Horror” panel discussion with filmmakers Karen Walton, Sol Miranda and Christina Raia. They will address topics including their experiences, creative processes and challenges they’ve overcome.

Aspiring filmmakers may also find “Film Commissioners in Conversation” helpful. In this panel discussion, film commissioners from across upstate New York will share their insights on the region’s unique filmmaking landscape. They will discuss the region’s competitive tax incentives, diverse locations, and experienced crew base. They will also share tips for filmmakers on how to navigate the production process in upstate New York.

A Dreamer’s Search  

Adirondack Film

The Lake Placid Film Festival is an annual event produced by the organization Adirondack Film.  The festival runs this year from October 26th until the 29th.

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