FESTIVAL ACCÈS ASIE celebrates Diversity and Creativity at its 29th edition !

As May blooms, so does the vibrant celebration of Asian Heritage Month in Montreal, courtesy of the much-anticipated 29th edition of Festival Accès Asie.

From May 2nd to June 2nd, 2024, the city will be immersed in a month-long artistic extravaganza, showcasing the rich tapestry of Asian culture through a diverse array of disciplines.

@mana_rouholamini at the opening of her exhibition Impreintes🌊🌀

Festival Accès Asie isn’t just a festival; it’s an immersive journey into the heart of Asian artistic expression. Boasting a lineup that spans performing arts, visual and media arts, literary arts, interdisciplinary arts, and even culinary arts, this festival is a testament to the dynamism and creativity of the Asian continent and its diaspora.

At the core of this celebration is the Réseau artistique Canasie – The CanAsian Arts Network, a vital platform that connects Asian-Canadian artists with the cultural industry, striving to enhance equity and representation in the arts.

Festival Accès Asie serves as a beacon for these artists, providing them with a space to gather, exchange ideas, and create works that resonate with audiences on a profound level.

~ Steps of Yu with @filiapothicaire

What sets the 29th edition apart is its emphasis on inclusivity and intersectionality. Artists and curators from across the Asian diaspora, along with their collaborators, converge to present a program that celebrates hope, solidarity, and hospitality.

From exploring the memory of bodies and landscapes to amplifying stories told by the living, waterways, and islands, each performance and exhibition invites audiences to embrace diverse perspectives and ways of seeing the world.

 Collaborative vision of choreographer Amrita Choudhury and Kanien’keha:ka (Mohawk) artist Barbara Kaneratonni Diab

The festivities kicked off with a bang last May 2nd at 5pm, with a much-anticipated cocktail party held at the Conseil des arts de Montréal. Hosted by the esteemed artist and community builder, Komodo, the evening was quite a convivial experience.

The opening ritual performance, “Shakti Rising: Honoring Our Stories,” seamlessly blended Indigenous arts with South Indian dances, paying homage to the land and its rich cultural heritage.

Delicious Green Sencha tea snacks and yuzu based cocktails prepared by tea master Han Le from Thesgurus were provided to all in attendance .

Finally as the night unfolded, DJ Ziad Nawfal infused the atmosphere with pulsating Middle Eastern rhythms, ensuring that guests danced the night away…

So mark your calendars and join us as we celebrate diversity, creativity, and the power of art to transcend boundaries at the 29th Festival Accès Asie.

Get ready for a month-long journey that will ignite your senses, broaden your horizons, and leave you inspired.

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