Family friendly Holiday activities in Montreal !

 School is officially out for two weeks with Holiday season fully kicking in and Christmas just around the bend. Luckily, Montreal is teeming with fun things to do for families with several kid friendly activities for all to enjoy:

About Montréal Space for Life

Montréal Space for Life is made up of four attractions on the same site: the Biodôme, Botanical Garden, Insectarium and Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium. To mark our city’s 375th anniversary, the Montréal Space for Life wishes to salute life and everything it gives us. Their institutions are hosting a variety of interactive and educational activities that brings everyone together to celebrate the nature that heals, feeds and inspires us. (#HeresToLife).

The Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium is offering two new shows that will probe the imagination of both young and old over the Holidays:


Are We Alone?

Humankind has always sought to understand the mysteries of the Universe. The Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium  brought together astronomers, philosophers, biologists, visual artists and musicians together to design and produce the exclusive, immersive show: EXO that focuses on human’s constant search for extraterrestrial life and the impacts that these discoveries have made.

EXO is an exciting show about the intricacies of the Universe and life, paying tribute to its fragile beauty while being an enchanting, cinematographic journey that marries science, art and emotion!

SPACE NEXT: Going Ever Farther

Space Next, produced by Afterglow Studios and distributed by BIG & Digital, delves into the fascinating universe of space exploration and makes us ponder our incessant quest and thirst for discovery.

The film depicts how far we have come with our past and current space missions and also takes a turn towards the future by pointing out our dreams of interstellar travel & planetary colonization.

This double feature will definitely give you the urge to discover what lies beyond the next planet or even a distant moon!

For more information on the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium and for show times in English and French please visit:

Sports de Combats

Feeling the weight of the winter blues? Need to let off some steam therapeutically, in a safe environment?  Wish to include the kids in a team building or skill developing experience?  Sports de Combat might be the right family activity for you!

Conveniently located in the heart of the Mile End area and only a short distance away from public transit, Sports de Combats is a recreational entertainment facility that brings people together in the spirit of teamwork, competition, fitness and most importantly FUN!

Archery requires fine motor skills that can be trained at any age !

They offer a variety of combat-related sports that range from skill building activities such as Knife and Axe throwing, Archery and family friendly NERF Battles.

Unique to the facility is their star attraction: the Rage Cage, inside which, dressed in protective gear, you may safely vent your daily frustrations out on inanimate objects (glass, ceramics, plates or any outdated or malfunctioning electronic items you may wish reduce to a pile of rubble).

The staff on site are experienced in the various activities that the center offers and I enjoyed the attention to details that the owners have put into making sure they have equipment to suit all ages ( ex: light bows and smaller NERF guns for children vs. full length bows and heavy duty battle guns for adults). The staff also put a heavy emphasis on safety instructions and making sure that all participants properly wear the required safety gear and know all the rules before starting any of the activities.

The center is the ideal place for those who wish to fine tune their eye – hand coordination, concentration skill, improve their overall body form and also find an outlet to manage their stress levels.

Private lessons and party rooms for large groups are available upon reservation and every Tuesday, 30% is offered off all public bookings. Just use the promo code: “TUES30” at checkout.

For more information on Sports de Combat please visit:

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IMAX with laser:  The world’s most advanced cinema technology has arrived. Are you ready?

Feel like enjoying a calm activity with your family that will make you experience something grandiose and beautiful?

Take your family down to the Montreal Science Centre’s IMAX ®TELUS Theatre and let yourself be immersed in a new universe of sound and sight by seeing one or both of the three spectacular movies to hit the big screen:

Tiny Giants:  Opens today December 22nd!

Experience the world from the viewpoint of two minuscule creatures through the outstanding capabilities of specialized 3D cameras. Watch as these young adventurers face challenges of giant proportions and set out on their own for the first time into the hostile environments of North America’s wild woodlands and the arid Arizona desert.

Amazon 3D

Follow journey of famous explorer and naturalist Henry Bates through the lush wilderness of the Amazon rainforest, where for 11 years, he pursued his childhood dream by cataloguing over 14,500 various species, including 8,000 that were previously unknown to the world of science and see his triumph when he presented his findings to Charles Darwin, the very man who inspired his noble expedition!

In this film you will encounter astonishing creatures, discover how appearances can be deceiving and marvel with your own eyes at the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest thanks to the cutting-edge technology of IMAX with laser.

Incredible Predators 3D

The perfect family adventure for those who wish to learn how amazing predators such as the polar bear, the cheetah, and the blue whale, must deploy all their hunting and strategy skills in order to survive!

More immersive than ever, the new IMAX technology with laser experience offers an astonishing glimpse into the lives of these majestic animals with the help of crystalline images and a captivating soundscape.

The IMAX experience is more than just a movie.  Thanks to cutting edge technology, IMAX with laser represents a quantum leap in cinema technology – providing audiences with the sharpest, brightest, clearest and most vivid digital images ever, combined with a whole new level of immersive audio.

Come and experience it for yourself!

For more information on prices and IMAX Showtime’s please visit:


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