Experience other cultures this weekend!


Experiencing a new culture is like stepping into a whole new world; you’re exposed to different languages, sights, sounds, smells, ideas and people.

It may not always be easy to step out of your comfort zone, but once you do, you are in for an amazing adventure of discovery and life changing thrills.

This week Gen’s Delights invites you to explore different activities in Montreal that embraces diversity:


Journées de la culture / The Days of Culture

This weekend, the 28-29-30 of September, Montreal is hosting free activities all across the city as part of “Les Journées de la culture.

Days of Culture are three days of interactive activities for participants of all ages to discover and appreciate arts and culture, offered free of charge across the Province!

Activities can include film screenings, art exhibitions, photography , theater, digital art workshops and even panels on exotic foreign traditions such as: Discovering the Art of Peking opera!

As part of Montreal’s Weekend of Culture, discover a unique and ancient art with a lively slide presentation by Aurore Liang about Peking Opera !

Three skilled professionals will share their knowledge with young and old by offering a free introductory workshop and demonstration.

You will have the chance to learn how to appreciate the elite art of Chinese Peking Opera, and even try your hand at singing and #dancing with trained professionals!

Location :

750 mistral street Fri, Sat and Sun at 7 pm , Montreal

For a complete list of weekend activities for The Days of Culture please visit:


Montreal Black Film Festival

The 14th edition of the  Montreal BlackFilmFestival is currently running from the 25th to the 30th of September at various venues across the city including the Cinematheque Quebecoise and the Imperial cinema !

With over 71 films from over 25 different countries, guests can find contentment by participating in a wide array of workshops , visiting the black film market and attend exclusive meet and greets with film stars such as legendary director @Spikelee !

Director Spike Lee in town !
Photo credit : Black Film Festival

Join the community and celebrate diversity on the big screen with pride

Check out the festival’s 2018 trailer here:

Closing film and Award ceremony at Imperial cinema on Sunday the 30th with the screening of  Dead Women Walking  by director Hagar Ben-Asher .

The film depicts the final days of a series of women on death row, from two weeks before one inmate’s execution to mere minutes before another’s.

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The Dance Factory / Giselle –

Danse Danse – CREATORS OF THE MOVEMENT ,  a Canadian company that annually showcases some of  the best performances of contemporary dance creators, is very proud to welcome South African choreographer and amazing dancer Dada Masilo’s premiere of The Dance Factory \ Giselle, to open their 2018-2019 season at Place des Arts.

Born in Johannesburg, Dada has gained international notoriety for her re-imaged choreographic works of classic ballet such as Romeo and Juliet (2008), Carmen (2009) and Swan Lake (2010).

Her approach to choreography is bold and daring as she enthusiastically tackles famous works by fusing dance techniques, mixing original scores with twentieth century composers and performers and attributing very strong feminist personalities to her female leads.

Dada’s Giselle – a sorrowful tale of a young peasant girl betrayed by her lover and who dies of a broken heart, breaks away from the traditional romantic tale when she does not remain a powerless lithe figure in her afterlife.  The character grows into a strong, unforgiving but beautiful Wilis (spurned spirit) who is bent on enacting her terrible revenge!

12 dancers use beautiful, inventive movement to convey powerful themes such as grief and revenge while fusing elements of African language, traditional dance and culture by leading the audience down a dark tale of vengeance that culminates in a stunning finale that will certainly leave you breathless …

Dada Masilo / The Dance Factory

Running until September 29th 8 pm at Place des Arts.

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