Courtesy Christopher Saunders/Showtime

Escape at Dannemora

Hollywood Actor & Director Ben Stiller’s film crew is back in the North Country wrapping up shooting for his new mini-series Escape At Dannemora that he’s producing for Showtime on the prison break in 2015.

The New York State Police Commander who headed up the 23-day search for the two escaped killers has since retired. Major Charles Guess not only advised Ben Stiller and his production crew, but even plays himself in several scenes of the mini-series. Since writing a book about the escape and manhunt, Charles Guess is giving talks at universities, police conventions, and book signings, including one recently at Bookburgh Books in Plattsburgh.

Guess talked in-depth about the manhunt, it’s impact on North Country communities, and heroes like Jay Cook, the State Police Sergeant who shot David Sweat who was making a run for the Canadian Border.
Learn more about Major Guess’s book Relentless Pursuit:

Watch our in-depth interview with Major Charles Guess on his book and job advising Ben Stiller for his mini-series on the prison escape:

Photos courtesy Christopher Saunders/Showtime