Enter “Spread the Word, Not the Virus” Student PSA Contest

Attention New York State middle and high school students! Are you interested in making your own short films and videos? Enter your submission for the “Spread the Word, Not the Virus,” Student PSA Contest today.

AdkAction is accepting student submissions for a COVID-19 Public Service Announcement (PSA) Contest focusing on the theme “Spread the word, Not the Virus“.

All New York State middle and high school students are eligible to enter. The winner will receive a $1,000 prize, and have their video PSA showcased on television and at the Beyond the Peaks Student Film Festival on June 4th, 2021.

Students will upload video submissions online through Launchpad, a digital film contest platform donated by Skills21 at EdAdvance, an Educational Nonprofit based in Connecticut. Submissions will be judged by teachers, nonprofit leaders, and health department staff and based on a scoring rubric. Judges will be looking for PSA’s that show considerable originality and inventiveness, with compelling messaging that evokes emotion.

The deadline for submissions is midnight on Friday, January 15th, 2021 and participation is free.

For a complete list of guidelines, visit www.adkaction.org/psa, and keep scrolling for tips, techniques and tutorials on how to make your video projects look just like the pros!

Techniques & Tips for Video Projects

Stop Motion Animation | Media Arts Toolkit

Watch this video featuring teachers from Bowling Green Junior High in Kentucky as they use stop motion animation to give students opportunities to experiment with technology, work together, and communicate things they’ve learned in a fun and creative way. Then, check out the video support materials to start your own simple animation project!

The Skill of Imagination | Video Production: Behind the Scenes with the Pros

In this video from PBS station KET, producer, director and videographer Frank Simkonis talks about an important skill one must possess in order to be successful in production.

Audio Recording Tips | Media Arts Toolkit

Audio is an extremely important part of creating good video, especially when doing interviews. Learn how to avoid making common audio mistakes by following these tips.

How to Properly Focus | SRL Video Tutorial Series

This short video from NewsHour Student Reporting Labs will show you how to properly focus an SLR camera for a picture perfect shot!

Green Screen Tips | Media Arts Toolkit

Using the green screen video technique opens up a world of possibilities. These easy tips demonstrate how the technique can be used for student newscasts, artistic performances, action adventure videos and PSA’s!

Explore Collections on PBS LearningMedia

Media Arts Toolkit

The Media Arts Toolkit collection includes three sections: In the Classroom, Creating Media Arts, and Media Art Artworks. Watch videos of educators who are using media in the classroom in innovative and creative ways. Find tips on how to start creating media and learn how artists are using media in their artworks.

Video Production: Behind the Scenes with the Pros

In this collection, members of KET’s professional video production team describe the video production process, the skills required for each role, and provide tips to successfully produce a video. These learning objects provide students with the tools to develop and create video production projects across the curriculum and at all levels. Students will learn about video production techniques, basic equipment needs, production roles, and careers.

PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs ⎪ Video Tutorials

Improve your technical know-how with these tips and tutorials on producing great video from PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs. Make your video project compelling, informative and fun!