Enjoy Theatre, Film , Music and Dance this week in Montreal.

Enjoy Theatre, Film , Music and Dance this week in Montreal.

HAMLET at La Chapelle – 3rd  to the 15th  of April 

A new collaboration between actor and theater director Marc Beaupré and multimedia artist François Blouin, has produced a radical new French version of Hamlet that hits the stage this week at La Chapelle Theatre in Montreal.

From the get go we see Hamlet entering solo on the stage to deliver a powerful reflection on his tragic life. He proceeds to recreate the brutal killing of his father at the hands of his uncle and the latter’s seduction of his mother by playing the role of each of his family members through the use of vivid pantomime and narration.

Hamlet is torn and riddled with doubt as he questions the motives of his uncle. At best he tries to justify the heinous acts, but ultimately he has to contend with the chaos of his own life, crippling self-doubt, and a quest for meaning that gives in to the absurdity of suffering.

As Hamlet desperately tries to organize the chaos of his life, he invariably becomes the narrator of his own tragic story.


HAMLET- 3rd  to the 15th  of April

(Supplementary performances)

Friday 7th 9:00 pm.

Sunday 9th 4:00 pm.

Friday 14th 9:30 pm.

Saturday 15th 4:00 pm.

For more information on this French play Marc Beaupré please visit:


3700 SAINT-DOMINIQUE / BOX-OFFICE 514.843.7738

10th to the 16th of April 2017


From Tuesday, April 4th to Sunday April 9th, 2017 at the MainLine Theatre

CLOSER – Running at Main Line theatre Tuesday, April 4th to Sunday April 9th 2017

 “The truth doesn’t always bring people closer.”

This is the hard fact that we are presented first hand in CLOSER a melodramatic comedy by Patrick Marber and directed by Davyn Ryall.

Set in London 1997, over four years we follow the adventures of a quartet of romantically entwined adults that drive the viewer to re- question the nature of modern love and the notion of betrayal.

Alice, an American stripper meets local obituary writer Dan. 18 months later the two are a couple and Dan has just completed a novel about Alice – However he is growing  bored and proceeds to flirt with photographer Anna. Meanwhile, dermatologist Larry turns to an anonymous Internet chat room thinking he is chatting with Anna, but he’s oblivious to the fact that it is in fact Dan Internet trolling on the other side…

The style of the play is a blend of comedy, melodrama and ultimately, tragedy as the four characters live moments of bliss, but struggle to find intimacy.

Despite sharing truths and kindness, they ultimately fail at becoming closer.

“… that’s the most stupid expression in the world: ‘I fell in love’. As if you had no choice. There’s a moment, there’s always a moment; I can do this, I can give in to the temptation or I can resist it.”  – Alice


Tuesday, April 4th  to Sunday April 9th 2017 

Main Line Theatre 3997 St Laurent.

Izak Benrobi (Larry)
Tommy Furino (Dan)
Emanuelle Ranger (Alice)
Kristina Sandev (Anna)


CLYBOURNE PARK – Centaur Theatre April 4th to 30th, 2017

Property, Privilege and Provocation collide in Cybourne Park, a comedic satire written by Bruce Norris and directed by Ellen David, currently running at the Centaur Theatre until April 30th.

Political correctness and diplomacy are tackled as we are transported to Chicago, 1959.  Bev and Russ live in an all-white, middle class neighbourhood. When they decide to sell their home to a black family, havoc ensues among their friends and especially their neighbor Karl,who fears that the new family’s arrival will lower property values.

In act two we are projected to the year 2009 and the tables turn as a white family wishes to buy and tear down the same home in a now,  all black neighborhood.

Bruce Norris’s satire on gentrification will certainly take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride that will offend, delight and eventually break your heart.


CLYBOURNE PARK – Centaur Theatre April 4th to 30th, 2017

For more information please consult :


Instruments of Happiness – 100 guitares – Homage to JIMI HENDRIX!

On April 9th , 2017  at Complexe Desjardins (Montréal) , you are invited to come and celebrate the 75th anniversary of guitar legend JIMI HENDRIX in a stunning musical event that will reunite 100 guitars and over 2400 music lovers under the same roof !

Young Montreal composer, Alexandre David will present a brand new commissioned work by “Instruments of Happiness” ***  in tribute to Hendrix.

Best of all admission is FREE !

Complexe Desjardins  1 to 3 pm
150 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H5B 1E9

*** This free event is added as part of Tim Brady’s Final Tour Concert “The Happiness Handbook”.

by the Instruments of Happiness electric guitar quartet.

8PM Amphithéâtre – Le Gesù— Tickets available  at—


 A Coproduction by Bradyworks with Le Vivier.


Harry Potter, a magical series penned by J.K. Rowling that has captured the imaginations of millions and that helped shape a new generation of readers.

If like me you have been an avid fan of the ‘boy who lived’ and his magical world, you will be happy to learn that the first movie of the beloved Harry Potter series will be presented in a spectacular live concert by an 84-piece symphony orchestra performing the full movie score in sync with the original film, projected on a big screen with French subtitles on April 8th and 9th at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier , Place des Arts !

Come and relive Harry`s extraordinary story of friendship, magic and adventures brought to life by conductor Sarah Hicks as she leads the orchestra through the unforgettable music of John Williams in this live concert event – an Attila Glatz Concert Production.

Discover the adventures of Harry and his friends this weekend! For tickets and more information please visit :


Le Petit Bal du Printemps hosted by BalFolk Montréal

BalFolk Montreal is a group of traditional dance enthusiasts from Europe and beyond.  They invite you this Friday April 7th to bring out your most beautiful dresses, finest suits and beautiful shoes to celebrate the return of warm weather with their annual spring ball.

The evening will kick off around 7.30 pm with the opening of the doors.  Dancers of all levels are invited to arrive early for the 8 pm dance workshop at which the variants of the European dances, from the simplest to the most difficult will be explained.


At 9 pm the real party will kick off with the rhythmic sounds of the JamFolk violins, guitars and accordion who will make you dance to French dances, Italian tarantella, Spanish jota, Yiddish circles and Greek sirtaki!


Special invited guests Orange Mist (Piano, violin, cello) will invite you to travel, dreams and dance as the trio takes to the stage at 10:30 PM – with the music from the launch of their 1st album


For this spring ball, the group will compose exclusive pieces for couple dances (waltzes and mazurkas) and group dances (bourrées, chapelloises, circles).

She will be accompanied by Annie Maheux / Sabrina Ghadaouia on violin and by Karine Bouchard / Juliette Badbarn on cello. Do not miss them!

For more info on BalFolk Montreal  please consult :


Bar with alcohol and snacks at your disposal

Free cloakroom


* Metro: De Castelnau (blue line), Jarry or Jean-Talon (orange line)

* Bus: 55 North / 363 North – St Laurent / Villeray stop


Have a great week !