Plattsburgh native Dr. Jonathan Aceto returns home on occasion, where he can impress his friends and former neighbors with the innovative sounds of his electric violin.

He recently performed at the invitation of Hill and Hollow Music.  The piece may shatter your ideas about how a violin performance should sound. Composer Priscilla McLean who often collaborates with her husband Barton McLean, created a pioneering piece for Aceto, because they all share a love for electronic music, and an interest in the deserts of the Southwestern United States.  To bring the desert to the cooler Adirondacks can be a challenge, so the musicians employ animal sounds in sync with the electric violin, and visuals of shifting sands to enhance a striking piece they call “Desert Voices.”

For more information about Hill & Hollow Music, see the schedule of events at:  hillandhollowmusic.org

To learn more about the McLean Mix, explore this site:  https://bartprismclean.wixsite.com/mcleanmix

Paul Larson produced this Spotlight piece.  It features videography by Paul Larson and Will Houle, with editing by Larson and Andrew Baker.  Mikaela Clary provided production assistance.

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