Drug Treatment Restored

Money in the new State budget will help restore a drug treatment program inside the Clinton County Jail to treat inmates addicted to opioids and heroin. Sheriff Dave Favro says 90% of the inmate population is serving time for a drug-related offense. The Champlain Valley Family Center, a treatment provider in Plattsburgh, will place two drug counselors inside the jail. Watch our interview with the Executive Director of the treatment center, Connie Wille, to learn more about why the program that was cut at the jail a decade ago is being restored. She also discusses the new detox and rehab facility scheduled to open in Clinton County this year. Wille is also joined by other members of the SPARCC coalition made up of community leaders working together to combat the opioid and heroin epidemic.

Watch this recent interview we had with members of SPARCC: https://mountainlake.org/sparcc-interview/

Over 1,000 community members came out for a forum and screening about the drug crisis, watch that here: https://mountainlake.org/call-to-action/