Downtown Montreal Unleashes a Spectacular Summer with Peel MTL Foodies & Peel Paddock

Brace yourselves, Montrealers, because this summer is about to be an explosion of excitement!

With a dazzling lineup of cultural events, downtown Montreal’s vibrant artery Peel Street, is gearing up to take the city’s gastronomic and cultural scene to new heights.

Get ready for a thrilling adventure where motorsports, circus arts, and mouthwatering cuisine collide in an extraordinary city-wide celebration like never before.


Leading the charge on Peel Street is the highly anticipated return of the legendary Destination Peel MTL Foodies festival.

Now in its extended run from May 11th to late October, this gastronomic extravaganza promises to be the culinary highlight of the year.

Prepare to indulge your senses as the festival showcases the incredible diversity of Montreal’s dining scene.


From the modern elegance of Campo to the enchanting Mediterranean flavors of Ferreira and everything in between, the festival offers a global culinary journey right in the heart of Montreal. But this year, it doesn’t stop at just food.


Enter the newest addition to this grand spectacle: the inaugural Peel Paddock Circus, set to take place on June 14th.

Thanks to the innovative Formule Peel, Peel Street will transform into an exclusive hub where the thrill of Formula One merges with the enchantment of circus arts.

The beautiful Lavender May


Hold on to your seats as high-octane thrills blend seamlessly with avant-garde performances. Imagine acrobats soaring over luxury vehicles and showgirls strutting amidst racy fashion.

It’s a visual feast that will leave you breathless.



Yet, the festival offers much more than just a culinary journey or a mesmerizing circus

It’s an immersive experience that includes culinary workshops, evenings dedicated to discovering new meals, and an abundance of local beer and wine pairings.

As you savor the flavors, let the pulsating beats from local DJs and musicians transport you into the heart of Montreal’s vibrant music scene.


Embodying the true spirit of Montreal, the festival will also expand restaurant terraces and create an urban oasis, bringing the festive spirit to every corner of Peel Street.

Get ready to mingle, indulge, and celebrate the vibrant essence of downtown Montreal.


Peel Street has long been a global cultural and culinary hub, attracting over half a million visitors in 2022 alone.

This year, with two blockbuster events, the Destination Peel MTL Foodies festival and the Peel Paddock Circus, Peel Street is set to redefine summer festivities for all to enjoy :

Fast cars, flying trapezes, and a symphony of flavors await you – downtown Montreal has never been more exhilarating.

Join in the fun for an unforgettable summer filled with unforgettable moments.

Peel Street is calling, and the stage is set for an epic celebration you won’t want to miss!


Peel MTL Foodies
Date: May 11 to late October
Location: Peel street between Maisonneuve and Ste-Catherine
Facebook: @peelmtlfoodies
Instagram: @peelmtlfoodies


Inaugural Peel Paddock VIP evening
Date: Wednesday, June 14, starting at 6 PM
Location: Peel street between Maisonneuve and Ste-Catherine
Facebook: @peelpaddockmtl
Instagram: @peel_paddock

Formule Peel
Date: Thursday, June 15, to Sunday, June 18
Location: Peel street between Maisonneuve and Ste-Catherine
Facebook: @formulepeel
Instagram: @formule_peel