There is still time to wander through the temporary monumental sculptures at the Montreal Botanical Garden. Sculptor Patrick Dougherty created the large pieces last year, works the public may admire, touch and even walk inside. Paul Larson speaks with Dougherty about his choice of material, the help he gets from volunteers and the temporary nature of grand art made entirely out of sticks. The three works in Montreal are among the more than two hundred-seventy-five pieces the North Carolina artist has made all over the world, in places including Japan, France and all over the United States. Currently, the sculptures are available for visiting only until October 31, 2018. Go to for more information. This “Spotlight” segment is made possible, in part, by the Glenn and Carol Pearsall Adirondack Foundation, dedicated to improving the quality of life for year-round residents of the Adirondack Park. “Spotlight” is also supported by the chamber music organization Hill and Hollow Music.