DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Wall Decals with Full Time Kid

Check out this great DIY craft from Full Time Kid with Mya! Make your very own glowing shapes to decorate your bedroom ceiling and enjoy your starry, starry nights!

Want to learn more? Use these PBS LearningMedia resources to continue on your scientific journey!  

🔬Why Do Stars Twinkle? | Ready Jet Go!– (Grades K-3) Twinkle twinkle, little star… but why do you twinkle in the first place? In this clip from Ready Jet Go!, Jet and the gang learn that every star gives off light, and the light bends and changes shape as it travels across space and through the Earth’s atmosphere.

🔬Scientist Profile: Galactic Astronomer – (Grades 4-6) This DragonflyTV segment introduces astronomer Dr. Marianne Takamiya, who studies the history of galaxies and the makeup of stars. She uses the Gemini telescope, a powerful piece of scientific equipment perched on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea, for her research.