Create an ooey, gooey, masterpiece Full Time Kid

Want to create an ooey, gooey, masterpiece? Watch this video from Full Time Kid with Mya to get your kid’s creativity flowing!  

Bonus activity: After you’re done making a waxy work of art, here are some questions to keep the learning going.  

  • Did the crayons melt more quickly when you held the blow-dryer close to, or far away from, the crayons?  

🔬Science fact: A warmer object can warm a cooler one by contact or at a distance. 

  • When you melted the crayons, which two colors combined to make a new color? What was that new color?  

🔬Science Fact: Red, blue and yellow are known as the primary colors. When you mix them together you get secondary colors. Those colors are orange, purple and green.