Assemblyman Jones discusses changes at the unofficial border crossing at Roxham Road

During President Biden’s visit to Ottawa this past week, the U.S. and Canada reached a deal on a new immigration policy closing a loophole that has allowed tens of thousands of asylum seekers to enter Quebec through an unofficial border crossing at the end of Roxham Road in Champlain, New York.  Asylum seekers who now cross into Quebec there, face the likelihood are now being turned over to U.S. Immigration Agents and sent back to the United States. That concerns some community and political leaders in Northern New York who fear an influx of migrants, turned away at the border, might end up in communities in the North Country in need of assistance. We talk with New York State Assemblyman Billy Jones about that, and the on-going budget negotiations in Albany as the Legislature tries to meet its April 1st deadline to pass a new state budget.