Director of ADK Action discusses the Farmacy

A new take on “fresh market” as a small village pharmacy in the Adirondacks offers a new way for customers to buy locally grown food. The Village of Keeseville in the eastern Adirondacks is seeing a farm and local food renaissance. Several small, start-up farms are producing everything from organic vegetables and meats to artisan cheeses. And while neighbors can buy directly from the farmers in the area, for the past few years now, there hasn’t been a grocery store in the village. Ever since the former Tops and Mac’s Market closed, shoppers have had to drive to Peru or even Plattsburgh to buy fresh, locally grown produce. So, community leaders in Keeseville are trying an experiment. In a corner of his pharmacy, owner Dan Bosley has set up a “farmacy” — a small organic grocery with coolers that are packed with locally grown fruits and vegetables, yogurt, a variety of cheeses, eggs, and even fresh pork, chicken, and ground beef.

AdkAction came up with the idea and then reached out to local farmers. Watch our interview with AdkAction’s Executive Director Brittany Christenson.

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