Many believe our changing climate is pushing us closer to an environmental catastrophe, but for most people, the problem is easy to ignore. Dave Hallquist, the CEO of a Vermont electric utility, has made it his mission to take on one of the largest contributors to this global crisis — our electric grid. But when his son Derek, who is a filmmaker, tries to tell his father’s story, the film is nearly derailed by a staggering family secret, Dave reveals he is coming to terms with his own gender identity, and admits to his family that he is transgender. The documentary that will be broadcast on Monday evening (January 29th, 9pm) on Mountain Lake PBS, follows Dave through his transition to become a transgender woman, named Christine.

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Christine and Derek Hallquist, and producer Aaron Woolf join us for a candid discussion about the the making of Denial.

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Catch a screening of Denial at the Snowtown Film Festival in Watertown, NY this Saturday, January 27th at 6:00 pm.