Dead Reckoning: Champlain in America | Earn CTLE Credit

Educators, are you looking to enhance your teaching practice with enriching local content? Earn 1 CTLE credit hour by viewing the documentary film, “Dead Reckoning: Champlain in America,” and successfully completing the following survey.


HOW TO COMPLETE: Watch the program in your own time, at your own pace. Play and pause as needed. In order to earn your credit, you must complete the survey linked below. Please note, the survey does not save results for later and should be completed all at once; you may opt-in to receive a copy via email once complete.


PROGRAM SYNOPSIS: In Dead Reckoning: Champlain in America, examine the significance of French explorer Samuel de Champlain’s interactions with the indigenous people of North America as he searched for a trade route to China. Follow Champlain as he makes his first contact with a large encampment of Innu, or Montagnais, as the French referred to the inhabitants of North America. Then, as Champlain makes repeated journeys back to North America, examine the interactions and alliances he formed with the Innu, agreeing to aide them in their war against the Iroquois in exchange for living on their land and trading with their people. Champlain would create permanent settlements in what was called New France, one of which become Quebec City.

🍎 CLASSROOM CONNECTION: After you’ve submitted your survey, be sure to check out related classroom resources on PBS LearningMedia with the Dead Reckoning: Champlain in America collection.

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