Dans la metropole – March 9

Marjorie Prime

February 25, 2018- March 18, 2018
Segal Theater
Step into the world of Marjorie as the Segal Theatre presents the 2015 Pulitzer Prize finalist play, Marjorie Prime. Marjorie is dealing with memory loss and meets a new friend who only reminds her of the best memories of her life. Visit the Segal Centre website for ticket information.

Napoleon- The Military Figure

March 15, 2018
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

As part of the exhibit, Napoleon- Art and Culture in the Imperial Palace, you can attend  a concert of Imperial music. The two hour performance, called Napoleon- The Military Figure, features Olivier Godin, as he performs on the 1859 Erard piano from the Bourgie Hall’s instrument collection. To purchase a ticket, visit the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ website.

Labor Improbus

March 3-25, 2018
Art Souterrain

Find out if work and art can coexist in the 10th edition of the underground art festival, Art Souterrain. Contemporary artists from all over the world will join together to question the subject of labor. In Montreal’s underground city you’ll discover pieces on: modern slavery, economic crisis, migrant work, and more.

Written by Blaine Malefatto

Coordinated by Paul Larson

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