True Crime

Centaur Theatre

January 8 to 27, 2019

Actor Torquil Campbell returns to the Centaur Theatre in True Crime. On a stage with nothing but a music stand and a guitar, Campbell will analyze and compare himself with Clark Rockefeller, one of history’s greatest con men, to explore just how far you can go with nothing but charm and nerve.

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Echo, the Sound of Space  

Phi Centre407 Saint-Pierre Street

Until January 20, 2019

Explore  Echo, the Sound of Space happening right now at the Phi Centre at 407 Saint Pierre Street. This virtual reality exhibition invites viewers to connect with today’s world through reflections, parallels, and distant echoes.   

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Luminotherapie – Domino Effect, 9th Edition

Place Des Festivals

Until January  27, 2019

You can experience one of the largest musical interactive exhibits of the year: Luminotherapie. With 120 giant dominos distributed across seven stations, this public display creates an infinite variety of musical and luminous effects and is free for all ages to enjoy at the Place des Festivals.

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Written by Catherine McAuliffe 
Coordinated by Paul Larson