The Polaroid Project

McCord Museum

Until September 15th

A visit to the McCord Museum offers a unique opportunity to discover the extraordinary artistic and scientific creativity of Polaroid photography. At the intersection of art and technology, the exhibition presents the original works of some 100 of the most celebrated international artists of the 20th century along with the cameras they used.Head to muse-mccord.qc.cq, for more information.

The Plant Odyssey Botanical Garden

Until October

Enjoy the greenery during the Plant Odyssey, a nature trail tour that invites you to explore the world of plants. The Arboretum in Montreal’s Botanical Garden is the perfect site for an in-depth journey through plant history. You’ll get the opportunity to examine specimens up close. Tours are scheduled through September 2.

Rebecca Belmore: Facing the Monumental

The Musée dart contemporain

Until October 6

Come face to face with climate change, homelessness and other monumental issues through the eyes of a renowned contemporary artist. The Musée dart contemporain is currently home to the largest ever exhibition of work by revered Canadian artist Rebecca Belmore. See installations, sculptures, photography and videos culled from her career of over 30 years. The exhibit is open to the public until October 6.

Written by Eli Moore

Coordinated by Paul Larson