Sound of Soul

Le Balcon

August 10


The classic sounds of soul, R&B, Motown, and funk fill Le Balcon on Saturday, August 10 at 8:30pm. The evening of song features award-winning Montreal-based artist Veeby (aka Vanessa Kanga). An optional pre-show dinner is offered and it is recommended that dinner guests arrive between 5:30pm and 7:00pm.

The Great Montreal Poutinefest

Jacques-Cartier Pier

Until August 11

Any type of poutine you can imagine, it’s here. Enjoy the unique selections of renowned food trucks and restaurants as they treat your taste buds on the Jacques-Cartier Pier from August 6-11. Live music and fairground-style games make the festival even more entertaining! For more information, visit

Montreal First Peoples’ Festival

Place des Festivals

Until August 14

This opportunity to dive deep into Aboriginal culture should not be missed. Film screenings, concerts, and art exhibits are just a few of the ways that the history and philosophies of the First Peoples are showcased in this downtown Montreal festival that runs until August 14.

Written by Eli Moore

Coordinated by Paul Larson