Chaos Unleashed
April 21
Association Sportive et Communautaire du Centre-Sud (ASCCS)

Calling all dance enthusiasts: watch as performers from all around the world compete in Chaos Unleashed. The 9th and final edition of the competition happens April 21st. This event celebrates dance genres such as Popping and Boogaloo. You’ll find ticket information for both spectators and participants at the event’s website.

Papier Contemporary Art Fair
April 19-22
Arsenal Art Contemporain

Experience the largest art fair in Quebec that is exclusively dedicated to works on paper, one of the first of its kind in North America. Papier Contemporary Art Fair will take place at Arsenal Art Contemporain. It showcases prints, drawings, photographs and more. Take the opportunity to meet with contemporary artists, fellow art enthusiasts and gallery owners, beginning April 19th.

Montreal Chamber Music Festival
April 15, 2018
Salon Ovale, le Ritz-Carlton

The Montreal Chamber Music Festival will once again fill the city with fine music. On Sunday, April 15, Clarinettist and comedian Christopher Hall and the Andara Quartet bring out the fun in chamber music with a breakfast program including music by Mozart, Vivaldi, Brahms, and Weber. Head to the website of the Montreal Chamber Music Festival for ticket information.


Written by Ryan Doherty and Blaine Malefatto
Coordinated by Paul Larson