Dancers Honor Leonard Cohen in PBS Show

Leonard Cohen: Dance Me

Tuesday, December 5 at 9:30 pm on Mountain Lake PBS

Montréal native Leonard Cohen’s music has inspired films, paintings and now a stage spectacle you may enjoy at home on Mountain Lake PBS.

The Canadian singer-songwriter’s works have motivated the movements of dancers in Ballets Jazz Montréal. Leonard Cohen: Dance Me is an energetic homage to the legendary artist.

Approved by Cohen during his lifetime, and under the artistic direction of Louis Robitaille and dramaturgy of Eric Jean, the show evokes the grand cycles of existence in five seasons, as described in Cohen’s deeply reflective music and poems.

Spotlight producer Paul Larson discusses this exciting production with two dancers from the show, artistic coordinator Andrew Mikhaiel, and artist Jeremy Coachman. 

The late Mr. Cohen is known world-wide as the writer of songs including “Suzanne” and “Lover Lover Lover.”  

Three internationally renowned choreographers – Andonis Foniadakis, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, and Ihsan Rustem – were entrusted with putting movement to Cohen’s songs. Their profound choreographic world reflective of Cohen’s music is brought to life by fourteen dancers of Ballets Jazz Montréal. Visit to learn more about the dance company.

Spotlight is made possible, in part, by the Glenn and Carol Pearsall Adirondack Foundation, dedicated to improving the quality of life for year-round residents of the Adirondack Park. Spotlight is also supported by Hill and Hollow Music. Photos taken from the video presentation of Leonard Cohen: Dance Me, produced by François Lamoureux of EchoFogo.