Homeward Bound for the Holidays | Crane Candlelight Concert 2019 | Full Concert

Program Description

Crane Candlelight Concert 2019: Homeward Bound for the Holidays

Every year the Crane Chorus and Crane Symphony Orchestra of SUNY Potsdam help people in the Mountain Lake region launch the holiday season with a celebration in songs, both old and new. The musical tradition started in the 1930s. This year, the theme was “The Best of Candlelight.” Chorus Conductor Dr. Jeffrey Francom decided that the concert should highlight the best songs performed at Candlelight from over the past 10 years. He started by contacting alumni to have them vote on their favorite pieces they had performed. From there, he handpicked which songs to include. Making this year even more special, the Crane Chorus was joined by the Holy Name of Jesus Academy Chorus, a local youth choir, for five songs.