Connecting with others through art

Throughout history, humans have used art to communicate with each other without relying on words. Art has been used to express political ideas, reinforce religion, or convey deeply personal thoughts.

 The art of communicating ideas through visual form is analysed and produced through several different mediums in these currently running exhibitions in Montreal

Last chance to see : ” How long does it take for one voice to reach another ?”

How long does it take for one voice to reach another?” | MMFA

“How long does it take for one voice to reach another?” explores the concept of the voice in both its physical and metaphorical registers, asking through art, what it is to find meaningful connection after the long period of isolation we have just come through.

This weekend is your last chance to see this MMFA main Fall exhibit that highlights major works in the Museum’s permanent collection that touch on subjects that have affected us all over the past year: love and loss, separation and reconciliation, listening and the desire to be heard.

Spanning multiple centuries and cultures, the exhibition juxtaposes rarely seen Pre-Columbian objects and Persian manuscripts, as well as Old Master paintings and works by Modern and Contemporary artists of diverse backgrounds.

It features new acquisitions being displayed for the first time at the Museum as well as several important loans from Canadian collections, both institutional and private.

Janet Cardiff “Forty-part Motet`

The exhibit closes with a majestral immersive showcase by artist Janet Cardiff. Presented for the first time at the MMFA, ‘‘ Forty-part Motet “ that brings together 40 individually recorded chorist melodic lines and playing them simultaneously on 40 seperate speakers positioned in circular manner in the gallery .

The work highlights the power of the individual voice and also the place and influence it has when combined in unison with others.

It is a reminder that as individuals we all have a part of responsibility to work together as a society .

Starting from February 12th – until October 16th , 2022

The MMFA is proud to present the new exhibit: NICHOLAS PARTY : Purple Hour

Le MBAM présentera les oeuvres de Nicolas Party du 12 février au 16 octobre  2022 - Le Lien MULTIMÉDIA :: le portail des professionnels du numérique au  Québec
Nicholas Party

A prominent artist in recent times, Lausanne (Switzerland) born Nicholas Party has gained recognition for his paintings with mastered compositions as well as for his painted sculptures and installations that boast vibrant and saturated colors. 

L’ Heure mauve (Purplehour) brings together more than 100 works ( pastels, watercolors, sculptures and a series of large murals created in situ with pastels and oils under the same roof.

Working on site on a large mural

With a flair for fantastical imagery that creates complex, poetic ties between humans and nature, the artist unveils a dreamlike journey that is a meditative as well as ephemeral…

The exhibit open this February 12th and runs until October 16th 2022

Access to the exhibit may be purchased here:

*** In accordance with the public health measures in effect, and to enable the MMFA to control the flow of visitors in their galleries, online ticket reservations are mandatory.


Produkt, in collaboration with Artechouse, is proud to announce the brand new immersive visual experiment INTANGIBLE FORMS.

Shohei Fujimoto
Shohei Fujimoto

After a successful debut in New York, the larger than life exhibit of Japanese artist Shohei Fujimoto made its Canadian debut last Thursday, January 20th on the historic site of Montreal’s New City Gas.

New City Gas accueillera la première canadienne de l'expérience immersive « Formes  Intangibles » - Le Lien MULTIMÉDIA :: le portail des professionnels du  numérique au Québec

The seven individual art installations consist of one immense statement centralized piece that utilizes hundreds of coordinated lasers, haze, strobe light, and moving lights, along with six other separate multi-sensory pieces.

One of these pieces is : Power of One that explores how a source of bright light can create and define a space. The work aims to recreate the void in 2 dimensions. However through our eyes, a cube is still there, as a solid shape that seems three-dimensional.

This unique exhibit is on for a limited time.

Tickets are available at

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Dancing into the light

During your passage to New City Gas, be sure to pass by the crypto art gallery presented by @0x_Society. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the fascinating world of NFTs or to expand your collection!

The gallery is FREE and is open Thursdays and Fridays from 4pm to 9pm and weekends from noon to 9pm

Online timed entry reservation is recommended before your visit :