Connect intimately with nature through the majestic world of VR

The Montreal Phi Centre is a multifunctional exhibition building that connects people with various forms of art. It also functions as a space where people can exchange and discover new exhibits at the cutting edge of technology while interacting with others who work within the culture organization that cultivates all aspects of creation, development, production and dissemination of art.

We Live in an Ocean of Air by MARSHMALLOW LASER FEAST is one of the latest exhibits on offer at the PHI Center, that combines film, music, design and technology:

Equiped with a VR occulus headset, an ear clip heart monitor and a backpack, you will be invited to stop, take a deep breath and try and “feel” your blood vessels being fuelled by oxygen.

Your breath will open up a path in the middle of a particle filled forest,where you will be confronted by a looming Sequoia tree that welcomes you to discover its numerous secrets !

You can enjoy this experience either solo or in tandem with other participants that will be sharing the same virtual space with you. Wave your arms, bend down, twist, turn or even just sit still and observe your surroundings, all angles will reveal something new and magical about nature and even yourself.

Through beautiful graphics, a soothing soundtract and even an olfactive component, this twenty minutes immersive multi-sensory installation will reveal the invisible connections between you and the forest.

We live in an Ocean of Air will be presented at the Phi Center until January 16th 2021


Schedule Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday: 10am – 7pm

Last show is at 6:40 pm Friday and Saturday: 10am – 9pm Last show is at 8:40pm

Closed on Mondays,

PHI Centre 315 St. Paul Street W Montreal, QC / 514 225-0525

Book your tickets here:

Practical Information→ It is highly recommended to arrive at least 15 min before your reserved departure time in order for the staff to check you in , verify your vaccine passport as well as provide you with explanations about the experience.

Vaccine Passport All visitors will be required to present their valid vaccination passport upon arrival in the building. The vaccination passport is required to enjoy the facilities.

Rates Regular: $22.75 – $24.75 Student (13+): $17.75 – $19.75 Senior (65+): $19.75 – $21.75 The experience is restricted to an audience of 13 years and older.

Price excluding taxes