COMPAGNIE MARIE CHOUINARD presents: M, a true Breath of Life !

Danse Danse is proud to present an original dance piece that is a true breath of air!

Backed by a soundtrack whose raw material stem from the breath of 12 topless dancers, the latest opus by choreographer Marie Chouinard is a visual tribute to life!


Choreographer Marie Chouinard has never stopped paying attention to the body’s vital pulse in her diverse body of work, a large field of investigation that includes, in a single creative impulse: dance, poetry, drawing, photography, cinema, installation art, and new technology.

Marie Chouinard

30 years after first presenting: Les trous du ciel, her first ensemble piece and a significant turning point in her career. Chouinard has returned to present a choreographic piece that starts and ends with the mechanics of breathing.

The notion of being “alive” is presented by the repetition of micro movements, along to a pulsating soundtrack that stirs the bones and lungs.

The micro community of dancers rediscover their position within society, the learn, grow insane and communicate their new discoveries with one another. Some concepts hold while others fail. Ultimately, a new chaotic order reemerges, and the audience is presented with the heartfelt and brilliant connections of care.


Marie Chouinard

31 January 2023 – 20 h 00
1 February 2023 – 20 h 00*
2 February 2023 – 20 h 00
3 February 2023 – 20 h 00 *
4 February 2023 – 20 h 00

*** Post-performance talk with the artists
Wednesday February 1, 2023
Friday February 3, 2023

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