Clair-obscur – Constantinople tour

For Constantinople’s 20th Anniversary Season and their Canadian Clair-obscur tour, the group will perform this Saturday (Dec. 11) at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ Bourgie Hall:

This profoundly moving concert, which kicked off its 6-city tour across Canada this past weekend, was born out of two pre-pandemic residencies in Corsica, between sea and mountains, between modality and polyphony, and a desire for deeper dialogue on the part both of the musicians of Constantinople and the singers of A Filetta, the preeminent ensemble of Corsican polyphony.

These musical masters have created a poetic and musical suite, mixing polyphonies created by the well-versed singers of A Filetta with songs and tunes composed and arranged by Kiya Tabassian.

Kiya Tabassian (Founder/Artistic Director of Constantinople & Montreal’s World Music Centre) has been at the helm of the ensemble for the past 20 years.

The group has a lot to celebrate – including 19 albums and close to 50 creations that have traveled to more than 240 cities across 54 countries with nearly 1000 concerts! However, Montreal remains always at the heart of the project, where the city’s intersection of various cultures acts as the main source of inspiration for their magical melding of music & creative influences—encouraging cross-cultural creations and exchanges among artists around the world and right here at home!


A Filetta, Corsican polyphonies

Jean-Claude Acquaviva

François Aragni

Jean-Do Bianco

Petr’Antò Casta

Paul Giansily

Maxime Vuillamier


Kiya Tabassian, setar, voice and direction

Didem Başar, kanun

Patrick Graham, percussion

Tanya LaPerrière, baroque violin and viola d’amore


December 11th at 8 pm :

 Salle Bourgie, Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal

For tickets and more info please visit :

Canadian tour dates so far include:

Maple Ridge (DEC 4)

Vancouver (DEC 3, APR 1, JUN 3)

Victoria (DEC 5, APR 2)

Toronto (DEC 10)

Montreal (DEC 11, MAR 19, APR 9, JUN 11)

Quebec City (DEC 13, APR 10, JUN 12)

Calgary (MAR 11)