Please watch for a daily news briefing from the Mayor’s Office for the City of Plattsburgh at approximately 4:30 p.m. most days. 
As a service to city residents, the City of Plattsburgh has established a COVID-19 information and updates page. It can be found at at the top of a list of quick links you can find on the left hand side of the page. 
That one-click web page contains daily updates from the City, County, and State. It also contains data from Johns Hopkins University on the current status of COVID-19 infections, advice from the State Department of Health and from the Centers for Disease Control, and information for our staff, for employers and our staff, for small businesses, and for our residents who are exercising social distancing to save lives. 
Mayor Read noted, “Our businesses and residents are justifiably concerned. The antidote to some of our anxiety is the best possible information. This will allow us to all do our part to protect our community and then recover from this pandemic. I am confident that our community will rise to the occasion. In many ways, by doing so much so soon, I’m sure we’ve already save untolled pain. Please be safe, take care of the vulnerable among us by doing our part, and keep informed.”