Christmas Fruitcakes – A tradition not to be missed!


Christmas Fruitcakes – A tradition not to be missed!

           The tradition of giving and receiving fruit cakes is one that has been practiced in my family for decades.

The fruit cake is commonly known as a Christmas cake in Canada and eaten during the Holiday season. Rarely is it seen during other times of the year. It is usually made with chopped dried or candied fruit, nuts and spices and (optimally!) soaked in spirits.  The cakes also tend to be void of any decorations and are shaped like small loaves of bread. Dark, moist and rich Christmas cakes are the most frequently consumed.

In Montreal, Toque & Tablier is a young, dynamic company focused on culinary creativity founded by Pierre and Marilyne Rodrigue-Trudel. Together they have refined their family recipe for many years and are currently making one of the best fruitcakes on the market. This father- daughter based partnership rides on the desire to develop, produce and market a range of high quality end foods. The duo works together to develop an ambitious collection of cakes, combining rich flavors and unusual ingredients.  Their distinguished honey based fruitcakes are sure to satisfy all gourmets in search of new gastronomic experiences.

Their Distinguished 1 year edition fruitcake is kept for a year in carefully refined rum. It is exceptionally fragrant and tasty! It goes best with ice cider and port wine.

The Distinguished fruitcake is a Classic. It is filled with fruits and nuts, and refined rum for 30 days. Yummy!

The Bold fruit cake is made with rich, dark chocolate 70% cocoa. It is filled with fruits, nuts, and refined dark beer for 30 days. This is a great alternative for those who are not as keen on the taste of preserved fruits and are die hard chocoholics.

The Memorable fruit cake contains Canadian maple syrup. It is filled with fruits and nuts, and whiskey matured for 30 days. I find this cake to be the moistest of the four and the maple flavor is very distinct.

Fruitcakes are a staple dessert served during Christmas dinners and are a much appreciated gift to be exchanged between business associates or close family and friends. If you are looking for a quality cake, packaged neatly in an elegant gift box, look no further than Toque et Tablier for a taste of pure delight from Quebec!

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