Celebrating National Parents’ and Guardians’ Day

It’s almost National Parents’ Day!

What’s National Parents’ Day? It’s a day to honor parents and parental figures of all kinds! In the United States, every fourth Sunday in the month of July is National Parents’ Day! This year, it’s Sunday, July, 26.

No matter where a parent might be, this day serves to celebrate their important role in their children’s lives! It’s a day that aims to promote responsible parenting and recognize positive parental role models. National Parents’ Day celebrates the special bonds of love between parental figures and their children.

So, how can you celebrate National Parents’ Day with your kids?

We have composed a collection of different resources and activities you can use to create a memorable and educational day with your kids at home!

PBS Parents Activity Finder

Find games to play together like Button Bop or Kart Kingdom, or print out activities and puzzles! You could even host and create your own Family Movie Night with tickets and snack boxes!

Emotions & Self Awareness Activities and Resources

Find ways to talk about emotions and self awareness through play with these crafts and activities. Create an encouragement jar, explore body language through feelings charades, or practice mindfulness with belly breathing.

Literacy Skills and Book Lists for your Little Ones

The most powerful ways to develop children’s literacy skills are also the simplest: talk to them, listen to them, read to them, and write with them. When caring adults talk to kids about the world they are planting seeds of knowledge that will help kids grow into curious thinkers, readers, and writers. Together you can make a memory book, play a storytelling game, or even make a book about friends with this Daniel Tiger activity!

Recipes to Try Together At Home

Cooking together can be a delicious learning experience for children and their parents. Kids can explore new foods, learn about nutrition, and develop math and reading skills as they measure and read directions. Try out these fun and easy recipes like science party Petri dish jello, soft pretzel numbers, onigiri rice balls from Japan, and more!

Visit PBS Parents for more resources and tools for teaching and playing with your kids!