Celebrating 50 Years of Dance: Margie Gillis Presents “Literature of the Body”

Danse Danse and the Margie Gillis Dance Foundation are thrilled to announce the upcoming presentation of “Literature of the Body” by renowned choreographer Margie Gillis. This remarkable production marks a culmination of 50 years of creative achievement by the dance legend.

In “Literature of the Body,” Margie Gillis invites audiences to delve into a profound exploration of the human experience through movement. Sixteen dancers will embody Gillis’ universe, portraying themes of vulnerability, upheaval, joy, and sensuality in a captivating dance mosaic.

Margie Gillis, an internationally acclaimed choreographer and dancer, has spent decades pushing boundaries and captivating audiences worldwide. With a repertoire spanning over one hundred and fifty works, she has established herself as a trailblazer in Canadian dance.

In 2023, Gillis celebrated her 50th year of artistic contribution, marking a significant milestone in her illustrious career. To ensure the continuity of her artistry, Gillis has embarked on a new phase, gradually opening her rich repertoire to share it with other dance artists. “Literature of the Body” exemplifies this commitment, offering a double program that delves into the complexities of the soul and celebrates the poetry inherent in dance.

The first part of the program confronts the harsh reality of climate refugees, while the second part delves into the world of Molly Bloom, a character from James Joyce’s “Ulysses,” exploring themes of femininity with depth and nuance.

The Margie Gillis Dance Foundation, founded in 1981, has been instrumental in cultivating Gillis’ unique choreographic vision, which seeks to depict the human condition in all its facets. Through initiatives like the Legacy Project, launched in 2015, the Foundation is dedicated to sharing Gillis’ creative history and philosophy, ensuring her legacy endures for future generations.

The Legacy Project has facilitated the reworking of Gillis’ soloist universe, allowing other artists to interpret her repertoire with integrity and passion. Projects like “Evolutions” and “Literature of the Body” showcase the Foundation’s commitment to preserving Gillis’ artistic legacy while nurturing the next generation of dance talent.

“Literature of the Body” promises to be a journey into the depths of the human spirit, celebrating Margie Gillis’ unparalleled contributions to the world of dance.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the magic of Gillis’ choreography brought to life on stage. Running February 9-10th at Theatre Maisonneuve of La Place des Arts , 8pm

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