Celebrate your love of Furry Pals with these amazing family activities in and around Montreal.

Love animals? Are you the proud parent of a lovable fur baby, maybe even two? Do your eyes light up everytime you cross paths with a cute animal in the streets or see a picture on your social media feeds ? Did your furry sidekick play an indispensable role is preserving your sanity during the pandemic ?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are definitely an animal lover and will be thrilled to know that there are plenty of family friendly activities in and around Montreal, that celebrate the unconditional love we have for our beloved four legged companions as well as for all the beautiful animals that share our planet.

A barking good time for the whole family at the Segal Center !

The Montreal Segal Centre for Performing Arts is going to the dogs!

This holiday season, the acclaimed President’s Choice® SuperDogs™ embark on a new challenge: Musical Theatre!

Book your tickets for the world premiere of this all-original, interactive experience—it’s part musical, part stunt-dog agility spectacle, and a firm reminder to always chase your dreams and that anything is possible with your best friend by your side.

SuperDogs the musical follows the adventures of a young girl called Chloe who wants her pet to become a Superdog. Together they sneak into a rehearsal hall and general mayhem and hilarity ensues !

What makes SuperDogs: The Musical so special? It stars more than 20 of the world’s most talented canines that will bow-wow audiences with their tricks and stunts. 

Dogs took on new importance during the pandemic as companions and even therapists,Director Sara Rodriguez said. “Underneath the fun, this is a show about relationships, unconditional love, and communication, timeless themes that really resonate during the holidays.”

For more than 40 years , the SuperDogs™ have entertained millions both in person and on television with their all-original, family-friendly productions. Drawing from a team of over 100 experienced trainers across North America, each performing with their family pets, every SuperDogs show is filled with amazing agility, adorable moments and silly surprises!

A Segal Centre Production of Spot On Entertainment™ ‘s SuperDogs: the Musical featuring the President’s Choice® SuperDogs™

Running from November 28th to December 19th 2021 at the Segal Centre for Performing Arts

For more information on cast , show times and tickets, please visit the Segal Center’s main website :


ANIMAL SUPERPOWERS made with LEGO® bricks at Palais des Congres de Montreal.

Starting December 3rd until January 7th , 2022 those who pass by Montreal’s Palais des Congres will be able to discover the super powers of animals with 39 monumental creations composed of millions of LEGO® bricks on display.

These true works of art wil take the form of animals striking poses that will delight both young and old:

World-renowned New York artist Sean Kenney’s spectacular animal sculptures made with original LEGO® Bricks will allow visitors to appreciate and explore the beauty of both nature and the individual sculptures as something beautiful and inspirational.

Creator and Artist Sean Kenney

In addition to being dazzled by his artwork, you will learn more about the science behind what amazing powers animals possess.

Whether it’s through their incredible physical characteristics, their adaptive abilities, or their superhero-like skills, the animals featured in this exhibition will invite you to explore their vibrant, colourful, and surprising world!

Hopefully after visiting the exhibit , guests will be inspired to go home and create something wonderful themselves!

Sean Kenney - Art with LEGO bricks : Animal super powers

For information on opening hours and entry prices please call the box office : (514) 790 – 1111

or visit : https://expoanimal.tandem.mu/

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory at all times during your visit.

Illumi Laval: A New Dazzling World of Lights by Cavalia

The start of the Holliday season is the perfect time to bring your family out to enjoy the magical, outdoor light attraction in Laval: Illumi 

This nocturnal drive-through or walk-in experience transforms a delineated 3km driving path into an enchanted wonderland with over 20 million shimmering led lights set upon 30,000 monumental light structures!

Normand Latourelle, creator of Illumi and founder of Cavalia said, “llumi is the largest lights, sound and multimedia attraction of its kind in Quebec, Canada, North America and probably the world!

Illumni is proud to display a variety of “Tableaux” : thematic scenes strewn along their newly configured driving route presenting several new universes set to thematic music in their Dazzling World of Lights including an Enchanted Forest, animatronic Jurassic pathway, an underwater Tunnel of colours , the signature Cavalia Horses and many many more!

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The stunning beauty of the Cavalia horses !

Guests will be mesmerized by the various one-of-a-kind light structures (including some whimsical designs produced by children! ) at this all-ages family friendly event.


Throughout this third edition, for one evening per month, visitors will be able to discover the New Dazzling World of Lights accompanied by their dog, whether by car or on foot! Get your leashes, get set, go!

These special evenings are clearly identified in the calendar on the “Schedule and Rates” page. For full details, visit Illumi’s “Plan Your Visit” page

PS: Even if you don’t have a dog, you are welcome to buy tickets for these evenings.


Hot food, hot chocolate and popcorn stations, washrooms and a small souvenir shop are centrally located near the towering icon of Illumia majestic, 47-metre Christmas tree of lights (the size of the Statue of Liberty!) that can be seen for kilometres around.

Take a break midway along your journey to enjoy the tree as you indulge in one of the many selections available from the food trucks including poutine, pizza , burgers and hot churros from La Cabane a Chichis !

Anybody said churros? The Human equivalent of enjoying a tasty bone !

Illumi will be open 7 nights a week with date and time-specific ticketing in place to ensure guests are able to maintain proper physical distancing protocols. A limited number of tickets will be available each night.

For more information on opening hours and ticketing , please visit Illumi’s main website: