Celebrate the Season With Wintertime Learning & Fun!

As the seasons change, we can look forward to snowy winter days ahead and all the fun they bring! Ice skating, snow forts, and cuddling up with a mug of hot cocoa for a family movie night are just a few of our favorites.

This chilly time of year is also a great opportunity for kids of all ages to observe, ask questions, and discover the explanations for the changes they see happening around them — from how liquids, like water, freeze and why birds migrate, to how the Earth’s tilt impacts the daylight hours and temperatures we experience.

Enjoy the hands-on activities and crafts, online games, and fascinating videos below to jumpstart your family’s seasonal explorations and to host your own winter weather experiments!

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Learn All About the Season

Seasons | Sesame Street

Grades PreK-K
Learn about the four seasons alongside your favorite Sesame Street characters! Join Elmo and Adrian Grenier, and Zoe, Rosita, and Abby for two sing-alongs about annual weather patterns.

The Mitten/La Moufle | A World of Stories

Grades K-5
The Mitten” is a traditional folktale from Ukraine. It has been retold in many different ways and in many different languages. Watch Priscilla Howe tell us the story all about how a mitten dropped in the snow becomes a temporary home to several animals. The story is available in both English and French.

Snow Shelter

Grades 3-5
Watch as the kids on DragonflyTV demonstrate how and why an igloo-like shelter called a quinzhee can keep you warm at night. Learn how snow and clouds affect air temperatures and serve as insulators against extreme cold and heat.

Changing Daylight in Summer and Winter

Grades 3-5
Observe the effect of Earth’s tilt on the amount of daylight that occurs in the northern and southern hemispheres with these videos and diagrams. This resource provides opportunities for students to observe, ask questions, and construct explanations about cyclical patterns, such as differences in the duration of daylight in summer and winter and Earth’s rotation.

Cool Ways Animals Adapt For the Winter | Spot on Science

Grades 3-8
Margaret shares how animals survive the winter, including warm layers, hibernation, and torpor. 

Where Do Birds Go in Winter? | It’s Okay to Be Smart

Grades 6-12
As winter approaches, V-shaped flocks glide overhead as the world’s birds begin their long treks to warmer climates. Humans used to have some pretty crazy theories about where birds went for winter, like the moon, or to the bottom of the ocean. How did we learn the real story? And where DO birds go for winter? Find out in this video from It’s Okay to Be Smart!

Activities, Games & Crafts

Homemade Snow Globes

All Ages
A homemade snow globe is a childhood must! The best part about these snow globes is that they give you the perfect opportunity to get rid of some of those pesky plastic figurines lying around the house. Another idea is to use LEGOs — if your child can part with them!

Elinor Wonders Why Science Notebook

Grades PreK-K
Encourage you child to be like a scientist and keep track of her winter season learning in this science notebook. Use the charts and tables to organize thinking, document findings, and record data from scientific investigations.

Grover’s Winter Games

Grades PreK-K
Get ready for skiing, showboarding, and ice skating! To play “Grover’s Winter Games,” little learners practice their number and pattern recognition skills, then watch as the athletes perform their moves.

Sink or Float? The Ice Block Science Experiment

Grades PreK-3
Get your child thinking about why some things float and some sink with this easy activity that freezes toys into an ice block. Your child can observe which items stick out on top of the ice, and which items get frozen on the bottom.

Make a Super Snowflake Headband

Grades PreK-3
Winter is a wonderful time of year. In places where the weather cools, the air becomes crisp, trees show off their bendy branches, and snow creates a wintry wonderland. Making a super snowflake headband is a great way to celebrate the magic of winter and all the fun it brings!

Surviving Winter | Interactive Lesson

Grades 3-8
In this blended lesson supporting literacy skills, students learn how animals survive the change in conditions that occurs each winter. Students develop their literacy skills as they explore a science focus on varied physical and behavioral adaptations.

Daylight Throughout a Year | Interactive Lesson

Grades 5-8
Make observations and analyze data to investigate how the duration of daylight changes throughout a year in this interactive lesson from Bringing the Universe to America’s Classrooms collection on PBS LearningMedia.

For even more games and educational resources for young learners, go to the Celebrating Winter Collection on PBS Kids for Parents.