Celebrate International Fairy Day!

June 24 is International Fairy Day! A day dedicated to the mythological sprites that fill our fairytales and imaginations!

Fairies have existed in just about every culture around the world — though they differ from tale to tale. In some, they may even be known by different names. But, most commonly, we think of them as brightly colored, butterfly-winged creatures who float around using magic!

So, why celebrate Fairy Day with your kids? Because it’s fun! And because its a great way to stimulate their imagination, bond with them, and get them involved in some crafts and activities that you can do together. Explore these fun examples that we recommend below!

Check out this throwback to a classic MLPBS video, featuring Aubrey Bresett and Carter Germain, and watch as Carter gives us a detailed demonstration of how he creates his fairy houses.

Interested in making your very own fairy house? Watch local environmental artist, Sally Smith, as she walks us through her “how-to book” for crafters looking to make any fairy’s dream home!

Mountain Lake PBS has their very own fairy lover in Pinkalicious! Join Pinkalicious and Peterrific as they use toy blocks to build their own amazing house for the fairies!

After building them a new house, Pinkalicious and Peterrific decide to sleep in their backyard as they wait for the Springtime Fairies. When the fairies show up, they are so touched by the new house that they ask Pinkalicious and Peterrific to sing a song with them! Join in and sing along too!

Want to spread a little magic of your own? Try out this quick and easy craft from “Pinkalicious & Peterrific” to make a magic wand!

With love and imagination, Pinkalicious makes her local park Emeraldalicious! Draw your dream garden with this printable PDF activity. And don’t forget to add a fairy house for your magical friends!

For other activities, crafts, and resources, visit PBS Parents!

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