Celebrate Black History Month with PBS!

Mountain Lake PBS is proud to celebrate Black History throughout February and all year round!

Join us for a month of programming that honors the culture, arts, and history of African Americans. From autobiographies about influential artists to documentaries about segregation, these programs are dedicated to expanding our knowledge and appreciation of Black History.

For younger learners and parents looking to teach their children about Black History, visit our Black History Month article with educational resources for children of all ages.

Here’s a highlight of the programming for this year’s Black History Month!

American Experience: Goin’ Back to T-Town 2/8 at 9:00pm

Learn about the experiences of residents in Tulsa’s Greenwood neighborhood, or “T-Town,” in this program discussing the rise and fall of one of the wealthiest Black neighborhoods in America.

Charley Pride: American Masters 2/9 at 9:00pm

Explore the American South, its history, and its music through the life of Charley Pride. A country music star raised in segregated Mississippi, Pride’s journey shows that artistic expression can conquer almost anything.

American Experience: Voice of Freedom 2/15 at 9:00pm

Learn about the fascinating story of Marian Anderson – a Black singer who refused to let racism stand in her way.

Black Church: This is Our Story, This is Our Song 2/16 at 9:00pm

Explore the roots of African American religion dating from the trans-Atlantic slave trade all the way up to emancipation. Discover the ways enslaved Africans held onto their faith despite the brutality they experienced.

Driving While Black: Race, Space, and Mobility in America 2/19 at 9:00pm

Learn about how the advent of the automobile created newfound freedoms and dangers for African Americans on the road in America.

Independent Lens: Mr. SOUL! 2/22 at 10:00pm

Celebrate Ellis Haizlip’s public television show, SOUL!, developed back in 1968 to share Black culture with the nation. As one of the first platforms to promote the vibrancy of the Black Arts Movement, its impacts are still seen to this day.