Celebrate 10 Years of Peg + Cat With Problem Solving Games, Activities & More!

10 is a REALLY BIG number! Especially when it’s the 10 year anniversary of our favorite problem solving PBS KIDS show, Peg + Cat.

For 10 years Peg + Cat has inspired preschoolers’ natural curiosity about math and helped them develop new skills and strategies for solving problems creatively in their daily lives. The popular PBS KIDS show follows the adorable, spirited Peg and her sidekick Cat as they embark on adventures, solve problems together, and learn math concepts and skills. They’re always running into a messy, funny crisis they must somehow solve without totally freaking out!

Celebrate all the whimsical stories, engaging characters, and wacky ways that math plays a role in our world with the great games, activities, and videos below. Or throw your own Peg + Cat themed party! Teachers, don’t miss out on the Peg + Cat collection on PBS LearningMedia specially created to help you explore the concepts introduced in the show with activity ideas, media clips, and online games.

Watch Peg + Cat weekends at 7:30 AM on the PBS Kids 24/7 channel or anytime, online with the PBS Kids Free Video App.

Watch, Play & Learn

4 Fun Ideas for a “Peg + Cat” Family Night

Grades PreK-2
Everywhere you look, math is all around … and so are the opportunities to practice math with your child in fun ways. Support learning at home by hosting Peg + Cat inspired family fun nights!

Counting | Teach Your Way Activity Calendar

Grades PreK-2
Explore this “Counting” activity calendar, full of plenty Peg + Cat activities, to find meaningful ways to integrate media in creative and developmentally-appropriate ways.

Super Peg Game | Peg + Cat

Grades K-2
Super Peg + Cat Guy need help saving Mathtropolis from mischievous math villains. Your child can use geometry and shape skills to solve several shape puzzles and restore order to Mathtropolis.

Use Math While Baking Peg’s Honey Cake

Grades PreK-2
Peg and her friends find math all around them, including in the kitchen. As you bake and decorate a delicious honey cake, look for all the ways you use math — from measuring the ingredients, to setting the oven temperature and timer, to decorating the cake with geometric patterns.

Peg + Cat Treasure Hunt

Grades PreK-2
Count, measure, and practice spatial vocabulary while having fun with a game of Peg + Cat treasure hunt.

12 Books to Excite Your Child’s Mathematical Imagination

Grades PreK-4
Here are a few picture books that skillfully weave in mathematical concepts, offering a simple way to excite children’s imagination while increasing their comfort level with math.

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