Mountain Lake Journal

Mountain Lake Journal is the weekly flagship program produced and hosted by Thom Hallock.

Blizzard 2017

Even though spring officially arrived this week, it felt much more like winter this past week. Last week's mega-storm will go down in the record books as one of... More

Made in the Adirondacks

Jack LaDuke visits a distillery in Keene, New York where a couple makes whiskey using locally grown corn and apples. A maple producer is also using the distillery's oak whiskey barrels to give his maple syrup a unique flavor. To learn more about Gri... More

Norsk Titanium Ramping Up Production

Norsk Titanium, a new manufacturing facility that is up & running in the North Country, is using cutting-edge technology that's being heralded as the next industrial revolution.New York State has invested 125-million dollars to buy 40 of Nors... More