Mountain Lake Journal

Mountain Lake Journal is the weekly flagship program produced and hosted by Thom Hallock.

Trade Deal

A new trade deal with Canada, and Mexico is moving forward after winning backing from House Democrats. A vote in the House will come next week, and sometime in... More

Call to Action

There’s a new movement across America, and in the Adirondacks, demanding more be done to prioritize, and address, the climate crisis. Our producer Michael Hansen has more on the army of young people joining the movement, their climate protest march ... More

Howie Hawkins Interview

While it’s getting a lot of national attention now, the Green New Deal was originally the idea of upstate New York Green Party Candidate Howie Hawkins during his run for Governor in 2010. He believes his Green New Deal plan is what’s needed to succes... More

Kidney Donor

It’s the Giving Season, and this week we’re sharing stories of acts of kindness, including a young woman from the North Country who is hoping to donate one of her kidneys to a man she never met before, a complete stranger, whose plea for help caught ... More