Mountain Lake Journal

Mountain Lake Journal is the weekly flagship program produced and hosted by Thom Hallock.

Solar Eclipse

Our Jack LaDuke joins hundreds who came to the Adirondacks to witness the spectacular solar eclipse this week. Learn more about the Adirondack Public Observator... More

Coming This Friday on MLJ 8/25

Two close calls this summer have prompted new calls for state and federal lawmakers to do more to help protect the Adirondacks from invasive species. The discovery of a tiny insect, the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, on an old growth hemlock tree near Lake ... More

Moose Poop Sniffing Dogs

One of those programs in the Adirondacks is a study by the Wildlife Conservation Society using specially trained dogs to help track moose in the Adirondack Park. Dogs, like those that can sniff out bombs or drugs, are helping biologists by using thei... More

Cheetah Cubs

Two cheetah cubs, the first ever born in Quebec, have become celebrities on Facebook, and will get to meet visitors at the Parc Safari Wildlife Reserve in Hemmi... More