Mountain Lake Journal

Mountain Lake Journal is the weekly flagship program produced and hosted by Thom Hallock.

Volunteers Honored

A tribute this week to the volunteers who have helped Plattsburgh mark its historic place in the making of our nation with its yearly Battle of Plattsburgh comm... More

Adirondack Park Overcrowding

Overcrowding is having a major impact on the Adirondacks. 20 years ago the number of hikers hitting the trails to the most popular summits of the High Peaks was a few thousand. Today, it’s nearly 10-times that number, and growing every year. We’ll sh... More

State of the Park

Overcrowding has become one of the top concerns of the Adirondack Council topping their yearly report card on the Adirondack Park. We talk with their executive ... More

This Week on MLJ | September 13th

The Adirondack Council is out with its yearly report card on how New York State, Governor Cuomo, Lawmakers, and community leaders are doing in addressing major issues facing the Adirondack Park including the overuse of popular wilderness trails as re... More

Ticks Become Crisis In Our Region

While bees may be threatened, the tick population is not only growing, but exploding across the North Country and Adirondacks. Ticks are a worry not only because they spread Lyme Disease, but they can also carry several other diseases and viruses tha... More